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Ron's Challenge

Ron  Pendergrass
retired from the position of TRTA Executive Director October 31, 2014. Many suggested that his years of service deserved special recognition.  Ron suggested that he would be honored if local associations across Tennessee met his Membership Challenge.

Ron crunched the membership numbers and created a spreadsheet that was distributed at the regional Fall Leadership Workshops.  The first column in his spreadsheet listed the local associations.  Data that followed in subsequent columns presented potential and current numbers of members including higher education and k-12 personnel for 2012 and 2014.

Fentress County was at the top of the list with the following accomplishments.

  1. In 2012 eleven (11) higher education potential members were residing in Fentress County.
  2. In 2012 118 K-12 personnel potential members were residing in Fentress County.
  3. A total of 129 potential members were residing in Fentress County in 2012.
  4. In June 2014 Fentress County had 89 members in its RTA.
  5. The 89 members included 69% of the retired higher ed personnel and 75% of the retired K-12 personnel residing in Fentress County.

Ron challenged the Fentress County RTA to increase its membership to 80% by increasing the total number of members to 95, an increase of six (6) dues-paying retirees.

Ron presented the same type of data for every local RTA in Tennessee.  If your local is at or above 33% of your potential membership, Ron challenged you to grow by 5%.  If your local membership is below 33% of your potential membership, Ron challenged you to increase your membership by a number needed to grow your membership to 33% of your potential membership.  If your potential total membership is 269 and your current membership is 76, your local association’s membership is 28% of the potential membership.  To increase your membership, to 33%, three (3) new dues-paying members are needed to fulfill Ron’s Membership Challenge.

If you need a copy of Ron’s analysis, please contact Donna Cotner, Executive Director, at 1-800-342-8367 or you may contact Donna via email dcotner@tnea.org.

The 2014 TRTA Representative Assembly approved an incentive of $200 to be awarded to the chapter with the greatest percentage increase in membership for the 2014-2015 membership year.

Go Team Go!  Help us meet Ron’s Membership Challenge.  Increase your membership and grow with TRTA and NEA-Retired.

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