Tennessee Retired Teachers Association

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Donna Cotner
, Executive Director

Helen McMackin, Membership Associate

Judy Rodgers, Financial Associate

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Information about TRTA  

TRTA is comprised of 89 local chapters and approximately 9,000 members. 

Purposes of TRTA are:

  1. To promote the economic, social, and professional interest of retired teachers in matters involving their needs;
  2. To cooperate with the local and sectional retired teachers associations, Tennessee Education Association (TEA), National Educational Association (NEA), and the National Education Association-Retired (NEA-Retired).
  3. To act as a clearinghouse in circulation of information to retired teachers as to the latest educational and legislative developments that concern them;
  4. To enlist the support of the active teacher’s organizations, boards of education, parent-teacher organizations, and community, civic, and state groups for all children and youth.
  5. To initiate, promote, and support action at the state and national levels for the improvement of living conditions for older Americans in cooperation with the programs of the NEA, NEA-Retired, and any other organizations which have similar goals as determined by the Representative Assembly or Executive Board.

Tennessee Retired Teachers Association
801 Second Avenue North 
Nashville, Tennessee 37201-1099
(615) 242-8392 - (800) 342-8367
TRTA Office Hours are from 
7:30 until 3:30 CST Monday through Friday.

Tuition Discount form for Retired Teachers.Click on the hyper-link below to access the form and directions.

Click on the hyper-link below to access the form and directions.


The Completed form should then be faxed to TCRS (Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System) Offices so that they can verify years of service.
Fax the form to (615) 401-6818 or e-mail it to TCRS.Financial@tn.gov .

 TCRS will send the form back to the member by their preferred method. TCRS will mail, e-mail or fax
the form back to member.

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