Tennessee Retired Teachers' Association
Join the ONLY organization in the State of Tennessee that is interested in and promotes 
the social, economic and professional interests of retired teachers.
"Each one recruitone" has the potential to double the membership in TRTA and your local association. Do you have retired teacher friends who have not joined your local association, TRTA and NEA-Retired?  Now is the perfect time to invite them to a local association meeting. 

TRTA is a unified organization affiliated with NEA-Retired and Local Retired Associations in Tennessee.
The membership year is from July 1 to June 30 of the following year.
Unified membership is required for all persons retiring after August 1992.
Unified means that you must belong to NEA-Retired, TRTA and your Local retired association.
Regional dues should be paid to the local treasurer when other dues are paid.

Unified Membership Dues:
NEA-Retired Annual Membership $30
TRTA Annual Membership $25
Local RTA Annual Membership determined by local
Regional Annual Membership determined by region

To download the TRTA Membership form (MS Excel version), click HERE.                  

To download the TRTA Membership form        (PDF version), click HERE.
 To download the TRTA Membership form (MS Excel version), click HERE 

To download the TRTA Membership form        (PDF version), click HERE.

Questions regarding membership or 
the request to receive a membership form
should be directed to Donna Cotner, Executive Director, at 
1-800-342-8367 ext 328 
or via email to dcotner@tnea.org
For additional information regarding local dues, please contact TRTA.

Payment of Dues

Please make check payable to TRTA and mail with the membership form to Tennessee Retired Teachers' Association
801 Second Avenue North
Nashville, TN 37201-1099  




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